Our focus is maximising the Internal Rate of Return (IRR) for our investors whilst being aware of the total return and why the investors came into the syndicate. We are not interested in building up our funds under management.

Our fee structure has been structured to create an alignment of interests between ourselves and our investors.

Our ethos is to ‘love’ the investor, ‘love’ the tenant and work with only the “best in breed” professional partners. Whether it’s with our tenants, who we consider as clients, or our investors, whose success is our success, at Quintessential Equity we’re committed to a hands-on, transparent approach for shared results for all parties.

At Quintessential Equity you’ll find a group of knowledgeable, committed people who are passionate about property investment and development. People who value relationships and quality. People who strive for excellence and do business with integrity and care. People who have embraced the Quintessential Way:

  • Enjoy what you do and who you do it with;
  • Integrity is the essence of everything successful;
  • Don’t walk past something that is broken;
  • Always remember “life is a long road”;
  • Strive for excellence and learn from mistakes;
  • Work with people who align with the Quintessential Way.