Why Invest With Us

  1. Our Track Record:
    •  our weighted average net IRR by sale prices/values at 30 June 2015 is 30.3%
    • our weighted average net total return by sale prices/values at 30 June 2015 is 62.4%
    • our tenant retention rate for all our tenant leases that have expired since we commenced is 96.2%
  2. Our expertise – we are a property company with property professionals and not a fund manager.
  3. Our non-negotiable buying criteria – we won’t buy a property unless it meets this criteria, no matter how long it may take to find one that does
  4. We buy well under replacement cost – this gives us “wriggle room” to adopt our conservative financial projection assumptions and also if things don’t go as planned.
  5. Our due diligence process – this is a 53 step program and it too is non-negotiable.
  6. Our risk-mitigation approach – as we cannot change the market we are buying in, we adopt conservative assumptions that reflect the projected market conditions over the projected life of the trust. And if this does not result in an attractive risk-mitigated return to investors we don’t buy.
  7. We are internal rate of return focused – we are not fund managers seeking to aggregate properties under management. Each property is acquired in its special purpose trust and is reviewed separately in its own right and is sold when appropriate.
  8. Our rewards and remuneration is aligned with our investors’ returns – when our investors do well, so do we.
  9. We believe in transparency and regular communications with our investors – after all, it is their property.