Due Diligence

At Quintessential Equity we go through an extensive Due Diligence process to ensure that we know exactly what we are purchasing.

Our 53 point Due Diligence checklist includes:

  • Site survey (identification survey);
  • A review of service contracts and any otherĀ agreements;
  • A copy of NABERS Rating (if applicable);
  • Details of current leases / licences (if any);
  • Current Tenancy Schedule;
  • Details of any current / recently completed building works;
  • As-built drawings, construction drawings and specifications;
  • Details of any previous use of the property which may have contaminated the property, adjoining properties, groundwater or waterways;
  • Details of any pollution / contamination report or environmental due diligence prepared;
  • Details of any trade waste agreement in respect of the site;
  • Details of any public complaint notification by any authority of concerns in relation to environmental issues;
  • A review of the current Asbestos Register (where applicable) and details of any asbestos that has been removed or is due to be removed;
  • Copies of any Hazardous Material Registers that relate to the site;
  • Copies of any independent audits.

The Due Diligence process is critical in the decision-making process of whether to proceed with the purchase of a property or a development project for the protection of investors’ capital.