The Quintessential Equity team’s extensive experience in the structuring of property investments, together with our stringent property selection criteria, allow us to add-value through development, refurbishment, fit-outs, asset management and lease negotiations. This, coupled with our philosophy that life is a long road, means that we work very hard at developing and maintaining long-term relationships, along with ensuring we have a strong platform for value adding to all properties we acquire. At a minimum, we seek to:

  • Mitigate risk and define exit strategies both at the initial purchase stage and throughout the holding period of the property;
  • Secure top quality tenants to tighten the yield to have strong covenants;
  • Improve the WALE (Weighted Average Lease Expiry);
  • Maximise the rent by providing a premium product for tenants;
  • Provide base building services and improvements to encourage tenant retention and attraction and reduce ongoing capital expenditure (CAPEX);
  • Provide quality management of the building, responsive to tenants’ needs and desired outcomes;
  • Provide superior property management, engineering management and the required CAPEX to improve the tenants’ occupancy experience;
  • Establish relationships with tenants so they want Quintessential Equity to be their landlord;

This strongly positions us to achieve premium rentals, premium rental increases and premium tenant retention – in doing so, we maximise annual returns and capital growth which together maximise the returns to investors.