We believe the property industry has an obligation to address its environmental impacts.

Australian commercial buildings produce about 10 per cent of the nation’s carbon dioxide. On a world scale, Australia is a major per capita CO2 polluter; we’re continually looking for ways to ensure we reduce our ecological footprint.

Sustainability is also an important factor for our investors and tenants. The long-term value and marketability of an asset is ultimately based on its ability to attract and retain long term tenants. Energy efficient properties pass down benefits to tenants.

We target office properties with the ability to economically achieve a minimum 4.5 Star NABERS base building energy rating. We regularly assess opportunities to improve the overall energy performance of a property which ultimately adds value, reduces risk by ensuring buildings immediately cater for long term tenant demand, increases tenant retention rates and promotes lower building operating costs, higher rents and capital growth.

A look at our property portfolio – past and present – shows our commitment to environmentally sustainable practices; it’s embedded in everything we do.

1 Malop Street, Geelong, VIC

On expected completion in December 2017, WorkSafe Victoria will relocate its office from Melbourne to 1 Malop Street, Geelong will create the new benchmark for energy efficient office buildings outside of the Melbourne CBD. The building is targeting a 5.5 Star NABERS Base Building Energy Rating, 6 star Greenstar and a Well Building Standard Core & Shell certification.

As part of the Quintessential Equity green strategy, the development is being financed by the Clean Energy Finance Corporation (CEFC). The CEFC is a Federal Government initiative which is mandated to finance energy efficient and carbon clean projects and we are pleased to be partnering with them in the funding of their first commercial property development.

44 Sydney Avenue, Forrest, ACT

Quintessential Equity is dedicated to being a market leader in corporate responsibility and sustainability and 44 Sydney Ave is no exception.

In order to target a minimum NABERS Base Building Energy Rating of 4.5 Stars various upgrades have been undertaken that are highlighted by:

  • Central chiller plant replacement;
  • Installation of new BMS and building fine-tuning;
  • New condensing boilers;
  • Lighting controls in carparks;
  • An expanded Photovoltaic (PV) system located on the roof increasing capacity by 87.5Kw.

Quintessential Equity is committed to working with all tenants to help implement and optimise tailored sustainability measures to maximise savings and make 44 Sydney Avenue as energy efficient as possible.

10 Moore Street, Canberra, ACT

10 Moore Street has recently been transformed into a modern, efficient and welcoming work environment following a complete refurbishment of the internal lobbies, lifts and bathrooms as well as a comprehensive external repainting of the property.

10 Moore Street has also undergone a full regeneration of its base building plant and equipment in an effort to increase its NABERS Base Building Energy Rating from 3.5 Stars (in 2014) to a minimum of 4.5 Stars. Achieving a higher NABERS energy rating for the building will increase its energy efficiency dramatically, reduce tenant energy costs and improve the overall comfort levels for its occupants.

Key highlights of the NABERS Base Building Energy upgrade included:Replacement of all three passenger lifts by Kone;

  • Replacement of all three passengers lifts by Kone;
  • Replacement of old chillers, boilers and pumps to high efficiency units.

Quintessential Equity is committed to working with all tenants to help implement and optimise tailored sustainability measures in order to maximise energy cost savings and ensure 10 Moore Street becomes a high quality, energy efficient building retrofitted for the 21st century.

87 Marsden Street, Parramatta, NSW

An extensive upgrade of the base building plant, equipment and management systems to achieve a 4.5 Star NABERS Base Building Energy Rating was undertaken at 87 Marsden Street in 2012/13.

The NABERS upon purchasing the asset in June 2011 was 1 Star , demonstrating the extensive and complex project ahead to achieve the targeted 4.5 Star rating.

Not only was Quintessential Equity, along with its appointed energy consultant, Exergy Australia, able to attain the 4.5 Star rating in December 2013 but the building was awarded the Best Commercial Building Energy Efficiency Project in Australia at the 2013 Energy Efficiency Council Australia awards. The award was made after a nation-wide search for the best and most innovative building in Australia and the culmination of the project’s complexity and transformation from the 1 Star rating, to one of the best, was ultimately what won it the award.

The works to upgrade the building included:

  • New building management system (BMS) with remote access to control and monitor;
  • Removal of main cooling tower and tenant condenser cooling tower, replaced with two new cooling towers with variable speed drives;
  • Seven new package units on floors to interface with the new BMS control system;
  • Installation of new condenser water pumps with variable speed drives;
  • Installation of new outside air, spill and return air dampers on levels 3 to 7 which will allow the supply of 100% outside air;
  • Fire stairwell lighting upgrade to energy efficient lighting;
  • Upgrade of car park lighting to energy efficient lighting.