“It’s about assessing whether Quintessential Equity can deliver on what they claim to deliver and so far they have been able to do that. I have been very impressed with Shane’s [Quinn] broad knowledge in engineering [and] understanding what the property market is really about.”

Alan Kras – Nitzal Investments Pty Ltd, Quintessential Equity investor

“So far they’ve excelled my expectation and every investment we have made has been based on sound, realistic expectations that we think it’s going to be a good investment.”

Kee Wong – e-Centric Innovations Pty Ltd, Quintessential Equity investor

“Harry [Rosenberg] and I go back a long way, almost 20 years, so I know I can trust his advice and am confident anything he presents is thorough and well considered. Investing with Quintessential Equity is a straightforward and low-risk opportunity for me to invest my money. Harry and the team make it easy. They manage my investment as if it were their own.”

Gilbert Cabral – Semitech Semiconductor Pty Ltd, Quintessential Equity investor                                                                                                                                   “Why do I invest in Quintessential Equity? Because I like the people that I’m dealing with [and] I think that they are honest. The information that Quintessential disseminates to me is excellent.”

Peter McGrath – Serval Nominees Pty Ltd, Quintessential Equity investor

“I think they have expertise and knowledge that I don’t have myself. They are very good at researching properties and pick the right ones. I think they’re very good at it. We have doubled our allocation of funds to this type of investment and we have also decided that we will do it exclusively with Quintessential.”

Alf Leysen – Quintessential Equity investor

I think they’ve exceeded my expectations. I’ve just gotten into my fourth investment which I think is a good outcome for the way I see QE, I wouldn’t be reinvesting if I didn’t think they were doing the job well, certainly better than I can.”

Allan Grosman – Quintessential Equity investor

For access to more testimonials from Quintessential Equity investors, please contact Harry Rosenberg on +613 9914 2214 or harry@quintessential.com.au