The Quintessential Boardroom

Our interactive Boardroom facility is available to all Quintessential Equity investors. We use it to keep our investors abreast of the latest information pertaining to the Trust(s) they are invested in.

Information within the Boardroom is confidential to the investor and specific to each individual investor. Using a secure, individual login, investors access the Boardroom for the latest information about their particular property syndicate(s), being:

Generic information for each investment

  • Statutory documentation including the Trust Deed, Trustee Company Constitution, Management Agreement and Information Memorandum;
  • Annual audited financial statements;
  • Quarterly newsletters.

Investor specific information for each investment

  • Unit Holding Statement of Transactions;
  • Annual Tax Statements;
  • Records of monthly cash distribution monies.

The information on the Boardroom is available 24/7 to each investor and/or their financial advisors and other authorised persons via the investor’s personal log-in details.

In addition, Quintessential Equity investors also receive communications via emails and phone calls as and when they are deemed to be necessary and appropriate.

Are you a Quintessential Equity investor? Login here: